Tournament Stud
About Tournament Stud
Tournament Stud was founded to breed and train high quality horses for the film, television and re-enactment industries. Set in 160 acres of rolling countryside and woodland on the Northamptonshire/Buckinghamshire border and based just off the A43 between the M40 and the M1 it is ideally and centrally placed for transport connections.

Owned by Jason Kingsley, we train both horse and rider for all manner of unusual historical disciplines, from dragon fighting mounts for St George and English Heritage, through full contact jousting at the royal armouries, to ladies dainty steeds at the Victorian gymkhana and stocky native bred chariot ponies for Dark age re-enactment or Roman Chariot races.

  • We train individuals or groups in all historical periods of mounted skill at arms, emphasising horse welfare and riding skill as well as historical accuracy.
  • Our river, woodland and rolling landscape have been used for film, TV and stills location work.
  • We have extensive on-site accommodation and facilities.
  • Our high quality very large indoor riding facilities are available for hire or training.
  • We can help with your corporate training or experience day and are happy to discuss any specialist projects, from joust training to bird-of-prey handling, to armour making or anything else.

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